After an amazing holiday where I finally had the chance to stop, take in the view and breath in the sea air, I have gone back into it in full swing! (I'll have to remember to keep breathing throughout!) My first weekend back saw the sucessful Eden 4 workshops; by the end of it we had 20 happy children (and mums and dads too!) you can find pictures of their creations on the Eden4 Facebook Page.

Not to mention the abseil the next day, dressed in my very own homemade soup costume, I dropped 100ft alongside some very famous red trousers, Bristols very own mayor, George Ferguson! All in the name of fundraising for the fantastic gallery that is the RWA. There is still time to donate here and to see more photos go here

And after months of searching (fingers crossed) we may have finally found the house for us! Along with this my course starts on Tuesday and I have set up my very own makeshift studio space in the living room, for the time being. Looking forward to filling it with lots of junk and new ideas!

Finally, Eden4 have found a space to exhibit this October. This is going to be a chance for us to work together solidly for a week in an open studio exhibtion. Very exciting stuff!

To find out more click here: Eden 4 Presents: Artist Lab


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