Flock Together.

Image by Sara Dudman & Debbie Locke, Drawing Machine working into painting, 'Flock Together Project'

After only just recovering from having finished my 4000 word masters essay the night before, I was interviewed for a curating and critical writing busary from Somerset Art Works (you can find them here).

Luckily for me I must have been on a role because I was accepted for the placement! I will be working alongside artists Debbie Locke and Sara Dudman for their collaborative project 'Flock Together'. Over this summer Debbie and Sara will be researching the working dynamics between a farmer, his dog and his flock. Throughout the project they will also be hosting talks, workshops and open studio days along with showcasing all produced work in exhibitions around the South West. During this time I will be coming along for the ride, watching how the artists work together, gaining an insight into how project and exhibitions of this nature are organised, developing my ideas around drawing and collaborative practice and documenting the project through blog posts, facebook and twitter.To stay up to date with the projects please click on the links above - and give them a like and a share!

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