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It's been another one of those busy months with the end of term fast approaching and I'm rushing to get all of my creations fired before I am kilnless for the next 3 months. *sadface* I'm considering buying my own in the future - I love the idea of setting up my own pottery one day!

I have donated a postcard sized artwork to the RWA's Secret Postcard Auction, last year the top selling piece went for around £3000! Not sure mine will quite fetch that but if you want a peek at what's on offer or the chance to pick up a bargain (bidding starts at £40 - so you could walk away with a well known artist original for just that!) go here.

I have also spent some time working with the Flock Together artists and writing for thier blog which you can find here: However, I'm most looking forward to the farm visits over the next couple of weeks which I will be sure to take photos of for my next post!

Sadly because of the commitments I have with work, the Flock Together project, my MA work and the project of the house renovation I had to make the descision to try and claw back some time for myself in there too. This meant I had to prioritise and unfortunalty the only time commitment I could mange to let go of is working as part of the Eden4 Collective. I'm sad to be leaving although I know it's the right thing so I can focus on work I am creating without having to plan multiple projects working with other artists too. I would love to work collaborativly in the future with other artists but at the moment I think I am at a transition stage where I'm starting new things and it's difficult for me to be exactly sure of what I'm trying to do as a artist-designer-maker (see I'm not even sure which one of those I am at the moment!). So for now my new motto is simplify. I'm trying to remember to say no to anything that doesn't add to my long terms goals.

My medium term artist goals are:

1. I'm trying to master working with clay and I'm letting things take whichever form, sculptural, functional, decorative. I plan to learn casting & throwing (which I'm hopeless at despite 3 different people trying to teach me!).

2. I'm dabbling with etching and sculpture building.

3. I also want spend the summer researching other artists, designers and business people who inspire me in one way or another and create case studies for future reference.

4. I want to update my website with professional photos of my recent work and build my online audiences ready for setting up an etsy shop.

I want to look back at this post next year and see some of those things resolved and a clearer idea of which direction I am heading artistically and in business!

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