As a way of continuing to stay engaged with creating new work I have set myself a project from home to inspire me to keep creating work whilst on maternity leave. I am completly absorbed with being a mother, so much so that I feel my brain is full of thoughts of what the baby needs next. I found a community hashtag on Instagram that I instantly felt a connection to, #artistresidencyinmotherhood. This led me to artistresidencyinmotherhood.com where I signed up to a personal home residency. Often topics I have been making work about have not been of a personal nature but I have used this as a challange to create more autobigraphical work. My commitment to this residency starts after bedtime every Monday and I try to create as much or little work as possible. Recently, I have been making quick drawings, around an experience from my day, an emotion or memory. Mostly this is dealing with my newfound motherhood and I am documenting these as I go on Instagram.

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