And then it was 2021 (and the story of 2020)

Anyone else still wishing they could hide away for just a touch longer? I am sloooowly getting going now though! And I'm excited, if a little daunted. At the end of the last year I received the news that I had my project grant from ACE for developing my creative practice had been approved! Such an amazing thing to hear just before Christmas. A year of making work in my new studio, scheduled in school hours - perfect balance and a bit of a dream come true.

I've been thinking about what I could, or should, or want to do this year ever since then and so getting started and unjumbling that scramble of thoughts has been hard. Luckily, I have purchased this brilliant Diary from the Design Trust, which I know could seem a tad pricy for a diary but it is so much more than that - it comes with a whole business planning section and lots of online videos as well as a community Facebook group. I'm already slightly clearer! Highly recommended for creative business - particularly if you are looking at selling more.

My artwork to date has been made alongside my roles in galleries and as a parent. I've always been involved in exhibitions, projects, collaborations with other Artists over the past 10 years, but I've never really fully invested the time or space 100% for my artwork. In 2020, which was supposed to be a cosy year of maternity leave in our new house and a job I was comfortable in to return back to, I was made redundant - who needs comfortable hey?! So, plan B or as it turns out - actually plan A, I applied for the DYCP Grant. I've been reading the well known book, 'The Artists Way' and working my way through it last gradually last year (it's a 12 week course but I'm only halfway through and dipping in and out.) I've found it so useful for uncovering some self imposed barriers and fears and forcing me out of my comfort zone, to pursue other things and hey presto - Art Grant. Thank you very much! In all seriousness though, I've applied for and been rejected for 12 jobs, exhibitions and projects this year - but I've just kept going and collected those rejections as evidence of resilience. (I was aiming for 100 haha, try it if you're like me and you can't handle rejection or criticism, it helps!).

I'll be keeping a project diary of this year here on my blog and will be sending out a monthly newsletter for those who are interested in following along. I'll be sharing process, tips, experiments, conversations and useful links and research that I've found interesting or useful.

Next step is to set up that very newsletter link - I'll let you know how it goes in another post but if you would like to go on the list drop me an email

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