Developing My Creative Practice

Or as I like to call it making art for the next year! I think this means I can officially call myself an Artist because during 2021 I will be working in my studio to develop new work, to meet and learn from other artists, to get my website, press and social media in some kind of order and to plan for future projects. And ACE said I can because they funded it, I'm so excited!

I wanted to write a post about what I'll be up to and I'll also do a follow up on the application process you are interested in applying yourself. Here is a snippet from my proposal:

"I’ll be creating paintings, ceramics and mixed media work, continuing with and expanding on elements from my ‘100 Days of Sketchbook’ project. By creating work every day, strengthening my networks and developing new connections I will foster an environment for creative and professional growth.

I am excited to use my studio practice to experiment and explore, with a playful focus on colour, markmaking and scale. Self-led experiments, challenges and restrictions will inform how I begin to create, with an ongoing interest in the natural environment underpinning the work.

I will document this journey through handwritten journals and online blog posts. Meeting with 6 mother artists, understanding their practice around caring duties and expanding my networks to inform future goals. I will have a mentor who can help to develop 2, 5 & 10 year goals, including ideas on leading workshops online. What I learn through this time I hope could inform a book in future, inspiring others to get creative and explore making through play.

I hope to gain clarity of direction, confidence teaching others, an idea for a book on creative practice. I will have strengthened networks, my voice and style as an Artist, including a professional online presence, a new website and strategy for social media, identifying my audience. I will document this time through a blog about my process in and out of the studio. I will have a clear and organised way of working, strategies for maintaining an income all within time constraints of school hours, to set up my working life as a freelance artist in future."

Easy-peasy right? (only feeling a teeny tiny bit nervous...)

if you have an idea for a way we could collaborate get in touch and sign up to my monthly newsletter if you'd like to follow along this journey!

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