'Ecotone' exhibition at The Malago, Bristol - Until 2nd Aug

In 2020 I completed a '100daysofsketchbook' project over the first lockdown. I was looking after my two young children full time and committing myself to this challenge was a bit of an anchor during such worrying times.

During that time I also made lots of connections online and even secured an exhibition of some of these pieces of work. Exciting! This was delayed for almost a year BUT finally we are in a place where restaurants are open, we can meet in public and enjoy some art and a glass of wine with friends (or in my case taking the 4 year old for brunch so we can photograph it all on display).

So I have 20 something pieces of work all framed and displayed beautifully alongside four other talented Bristol based Artists.

The exhibition, curated by Tribe Aesthetica, is on display at the Malago, until 2nd August.

If you're in the area, have a peek, food is great too and if you are walking, there are some brilliant graffiti pieces being created for, and from previous years ,Upfest along the way. Any questions do get in touch.

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