100 days of sketchbook projects

One of my project goals for this year is to put together everything I've learned (and will continue to learn through studio practice) from my 100 days of sketchbooks in 2020. Through testing different styles and materials, I ended up with a lot of different pieces each of which was created through different approaches and starting points. I began to look through these again and categorise them into projects that might also act as ideas for others. This will form chapters or projects I'll be turning into workshop plans and a book proposal centred around creativity.

in the past I have been concerned that my own work doesn't seem to have one fixed style or theme, that I hadn't found my niche and always seem to have many open projects on the go at once. For some reason those things have always seemed important. But then I flipped that thinking on its head and began to ask myself 'what if THAT is my niche?' 'What if I see it as my strength?' and 'How can this way of working help or inspire others in their work?' and this is where the idea of creating a book around limitations, challenges, starting points and project setting emerges.

I'm excited to keep boiling down the contents and exact title of this book over the coming months and begin the writing stage to prepare something to put forward to a publisher... watch this space!

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